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Is Your Roof Vulnerable to Wind Damage?

Roof Damage

Is wind damage to your roof in your future? The answer, no matter what, is “possibly.” Even a brand new roof featuring the latest technology and most durable materials can fall victim to Mother Nature’s wrath. You’ve probably noticed in films (or perhaps in real life) that roofs are the first thing to get whipped away in a tornado. However, you don’t need to live in Tornado Alley to have your roof damaged by a strong gust.

Wind damage can vary greatly, from loosening up shingles to actually removing part of the roof from your home (albeit the latter is almost always in tornadoes or hurricanes). However, even relatively “minor” roof damage can be a disaster. It can present itself in the form of a leak, can increase your energy bills and can lead to more problems down the road if not addressed. How can you tell if wind damage has already occurred?

It Takes More than Clicking Your Heels Three Times

Sometimes wind damage is obvious—if you’ve found roof shingles in your yard, that’s a good start. However, more often it’s subtle and even a DIY inspection won’t reveal the full damage. The only way to find out if your roof has sustained wind damage is to bring a pro on board. Regular inspections each year are crucial, but you don’t need to wait exactly 12 months.

Any time there’s been particularly nasty weather, it’s a good idea to schedule an inspection “just in case.” If your local news crew has been warning or reporting about severe weather, there are weather warnings in place or schools have closed due to inclement weather, that’s a cue to schedule an inspection.

But I Have a New Roof!

Think of it like this: New cars and old cars alike are equally vulnerable to inclement weather. They can have a tree fall on them, get damaged from hail or otherwise end up worse for wear after a storm. While older roofs that aren’t well maintained might be more prone to damage than new roofs, new roofs aren’t immune. In fact, it’s even easier to forget about inspections when you have a new roof since you have a false sense of security.

A new roof is a big investment—and if you splurged on one, you want to protect it. You wouldn’t buy a new car and then forget to have the oil changed in a timely manner, would you? Regardless of age, take care of your roof and it’ll do the same for you. Nobody (and nothing) is safe from particularly powerful winds, so after the storm clears make sure your humble abode is still secure.

All You Want for the Holidays is a New Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel

It makes sense that bathroom remodels are part of the “dream team” when flipping a home. However, you don’t need to be prepping to sell in order to enjoy a bathroom remodel or upgrade. Bathrooms are sanctuaries where long showers happen, where you can linger in a bubble bath—and where you can escape the hectic holiday pace outside. Whether you’re hosting this holiday season or not, you deserve a spa at home where decompression comes first.

It’s not too late to upgrade your bathroom just in time for the holidays. Imagine sipping on your favorite holiday tea while luxuriating in a hot bath. Think about those dual sinks where you and your other half can prep for your New Year’s party without battling over the faucet. A new bathroom for the holidays? Even the Grinch couldn’t scoff at that.

Easy Upgrades

Remodeling or upgrading your bathroom can be as time-intensive (or not) as you like. It could be something as simple as installing a new fixture, or you might want to knock down a wall to turn your bathroom into a full-fledged retreat. No matter what you have dreamt up along with sugarplums, getting started today can help you ring in 2015 in style. Of course, you may not want to leave for the holiday parties once you realize your Zen at home.

Some of the most common upgrades include new countertops for the vanity, new cupboards with customized storage and of course a new shower, tub or enclosure. You may also want to upgrade the walls or install new lighting fixtures that mimic natural light. You can upgrade your bathroom slowly, allowing for your budget to stay fit, or you can do it all at once for the ultimate holiday gift to yourself.

The Importance of Home Value

If you do want to upgrade your home in order to increase its value for a sale, starting with the bathroom is a great idea. High traffic areas such as the bathroom, kitchen and living room can make or break a sale. Bathrooms are no longer “just” utilitarian. They’re retreats, and buyers are looking for more space, more luxury and more customization than ever before.

Get started before Santa arrives and you might be able to secure a brand new bathroom in time to make use of those reindeer hand towels. It’s the gift that keeps on giving—and will for many more holidays to come.

Why You Should Consider a Tile Roof

Modern Tile Roof

A tile roof isn’t just something you see in old European cities. Today’s modern tile roofs are eco-friendly, durable and may just be the perfect choice for your home.


Sure, tile roofs can call to mind traditional Spanish architecture, but the variety available today offers many more options. Tiles can be created to match your home’s exterior or painted in bold blue or even white to reduce cooling costs. Some clay-tile manufacturers guarantee that the color will last for 50 years, according to the Tile Roofing Institute.


Tile roofs are fireproof and are ranked class A—the highest durability rating for a roof. Certain fire insurance companies will even give discounts to people whose roofs have class-A rankings. And weather is no match for tile roofing. Tiles are designed to withstand wind gusts of up to 150 miles per hour. They’re also hail-resistant, more likely to stay intact during earthquakes, aren’t prone to insect invasion and don’t rot.

Environmental Benefits

Clay and concrete tiles are crafted out of natural materials and contain no chemical preservatives. The longevity of tile roofs and their ability to be recycled means they’re less likely to end up in landfills. Some companies create tiles that have Energy Star-approval, which may mean you end up qualifying for tax credits. You can even add solar panels to tile roofs.

Tiles also allow air to flow underneath them and prevent more heat transfer than other roofing materials. This ventilation can lower your home’s temperatures in the summer and help keep your house warmer during the cooler months—slashing your energy costs.

Existing Home Structure

Since tiles are heavy, you’ll want to check to ensure that your home’s current frame can support their weight. If it can’t, you may have to shell out to reinforce your home before installation.


Although tile tends to be durable, installation costs tend to be higher. The material is also brittle and workers who aren’t careful can break it during installation.

Clay tiles are almost twice as expensive as concrete tiles. But those high prices come with lifecycle benefits: clay tiles are expected to last 100 years, and concrete ones should hold up for about 50 years.

If a tile roof would be right for your home, get in touch with the professionals at Utah Care Roofing to have yours installed today.

Caring for your roof in Winter and Summer

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Introduction to Care Roofing

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The Effects of Not Repairing Your Roof Quickly

R_F_75603 (27)The roof is an important part of the house that needs to be inspected regularly so that any existing faults can be repaired or a replacement is done if the roof has exceeded its life expectancy. If you notice that your roof needs repair, it is important to take action immediately by bringing in a professional roofer to work on it because failure to do this can result in adverse damage that may in turn compromise the integrity of the house. Amazingly, many roofs remain neglected because many people do not understand the impact of this on their health and general well-being.

One of the effects of not repairing your roof quickly is having to foot big repair costs. Many people ignore minor damages they spot on their roofs but then this is capable of developing into a larger issue that is more costly to fix. The second effect that you are likely to experience for not repairing the roof of your house in Orem is severe water damage where the roof may leak and the water is trapped within the attic or even flow through the walls of the house leading to the growth of molds that are difficult to remove. Moreover, the presence of mold in the house is a serious health hazard as mold is known to contaminate the air which when inhaled can result in serious health problems.

The third effect of not repairing your roof quickly is decreased property value and this can be a challenge especially when you are planning to sell your home or house in Murray in future because a house that has problems usually turns off buyers. Failure to repair your roof quickly also poses another challenge that is poor safety whereby the roof can collect water or even collapse thereby injuring those people who are inside the house.

Increased energy bills is another effect of not repairing your roof quickly because holes in the roof undermine insulation thus you will need to spend more in heating your home. Therefore, once you identify the holes you must go ahead and plug them up or even replace the shingles. Animal as well as pet invasions also arise from not repairing the roof of your house in Provo quickly. This is attributed to the fact that large holes and a deteriorated roof can serve as an entry point for rodents, insects as well as other animals into your home. This is particularly a common occurrence during winter where these rodents and animals are running away from the harsh weather. This is dangerous because you may as well ends up with a serious pest control problem. In summary, every roof needs to be maintained regularly in order to identify areas that need to be repaired or replaced in good time to avoid extensive damage that can result in a number of effects like those discussed in the article. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you take necessary action immediately you spot a fault on your roof.

Roof Inspection Checklist for Spring

SIt is obvious that the roof is subject to wear and tear hence it needs to be inspected on a regular basis to determine if there are areas that need repair or the entire roof needs to be replaced. Fall and spring are considered the best times of the year to conduct a routine inspection of your roof. This is because the elements of weather are not too harsh at this time.

Moreover, establishing problems early goes a long way in saving money. Roof inspection is best done by a professional who understands the features of the different types of roofs and is able to tell if something is out of place. This is also a great move in avoiding potential accidents that can result in death or serious injuries. In addition, it also saves you money because when repairs are done on time, the roof will last through its projected lifespan before a replacement can be done.

One of the questions that then comes to mind when you talk of roof inspection is what needs to be on your checklist? This is particularly important if you opt to inspect the roof of your Utah County house on your own as opposed to engaging a professional. To begin with, you will need to observe safety measures that include having a solid ladder that is tied to the roof well to prevent it from falling. In addition, you also need to avoid wearing loose clothing that can be trapped and cause a fall.

Whether you are inspecting the roof of a house in West Valley or Salt Lake County, here are some of the things that you must have on your checklist. First, you will need look out for blisters, buckling and curling on the shingles, as these are signs of reduced life expectancy and possible failure. Secondly, you also need to check for the presence of shingle granules in your gutters because a heavy presence indicates that the shingles are at the end of their life expectancy.

The attic space is another area that needs to be inspected because in some cases, water may cause stains that are visible from below. These stains may also be visible in the interior on the ceilings and wall. The chimney also needs to be inspected for safety as well as ensure that it is in its proper place. Thus, when you detect any mortar or bricks that are loose then they must be re-pointed immediately.

Other items that need to be on your roof inspection checklist for your house in West Jordan include flashing and vents. Generally, you must ensure that metal flashing is in perfect condition that adequately covers the seams of the roof structure. In summary, although it is advisable to contract a professional roofer to inspect your roof, you can also carry out this task as long as you have the right gear and you are aware of the things that you need to check because they serve as pointers as to whether you need to repair or replace your roof.

Types of Roofs

A roof is one of the essential parts that complete different types of structures that are used as homes or even for commercial purposes. In fact, without the roof the building may not be functional because it offers protection from snow, rain, the sun and other environmental conditions to the interior. In addition, roofs also add aesthetic value to buildings. This means that regardless of whether your structure is in Utah county or even Salt Lake county, the roof will serve the same purpose. Even there are different types of roofs that are selected based on a person’s unique needs like cultural influences as well as geographical location among other factors. This goes a long way in explaining why the types of roofs in Orem may vary from those in Provo.

R_F_75603 (28)There are ten types of roofs that you can find in different places based on the specific needs that they serve like giving the building a new look or protecting it from harsh environmental elements. Different types of roofs give different feel as well as look for your home. One of these is Gable roof that is also quite popular when it comes to roofing for homes. In this kind of roofing, two roof surfaces of the same size are usually pitched at the same angle effectively creating a ridge at the top while also forming a triangular roof. One of the advantages of this roof is that the design is cheap and easy to make. Moreover, it offers good ventilation as well as more ceiling space. Even then, this roof is not recommended for those areas that experience high wind because it is highly likely to be damaged.

The Flat roof is another type of roof that comes with a slight slope that is instrumental in shedding off water from the roof effectively earning the roof another name low slope roofs. The main advantage of this roof is that it requires fewer materials and is thus economical. The flipside of these types of roofs is that they need re-roofing often because the materials do not last longer than 20 years. In addition, if the water that is pooled on the roof is not cleared regularly then it can damage the room. This type of roof is also not recommended for areas that experience lots of rains as well as snow. Cross Gabled roof is the other type of roof that is similar to gable roof except that it has two parts that cross and are joined at a right angle forming two ridges standing perpendicular to each other. However, the pitches, length, as well as heights may or may not differ. This type of roofing is recommended for Murray as well as Draper style homes.

You cannot talk about types of roofs without mentioning Mansard roof that has two different slopes on either side with the upper portion having a low slope that allows water to run off while the lower part has a steep pitch that has dormers. The other type of roof is the hipped roof that has similarities with the gable roof but is recommended for areas that experience hurricanes or high winds. This roof comes with less internal roof space and lesser storage areas. A similar type is the Cross Hip Roof that has two parts that cross and meet at a valley as the name suggests. The other type of a roof that s similar to the gable roof is the saltbox roof whose sides are not symmetrical. Other types of roofs include the bonnet roof, gambrel roof, shed roof and pyramidal hip roof. In summary, whether you are looking to put up any of the different types of roofs discussed above for your home or commercial building in West Valley, Sandy, Lehi, West Jordan or any other location, it is important to take into account a number of factors to ensure durability and proper functionality while saving on costs in the long run.

The Importance of Proper Roof Ventilation

R_F_75603 (2)Proper ventilation is one of the important factors that any roofing contractor must take into account when working on the different types of roofs. This is because proper ventilation has been found to protect your roof from premature aging by increasing its longevity as well as its energy efficiency levels. That is, proper ventilation goes a long way in ensuring your experience drier attic during winter and cooler attic during summer. In addition, it is also instrumental in the prevention of ice dams. This means that if you home does not have proper ventilation then you are likely to experience up to 140 degrees of heat in the attic. This combined with moisture usually damages the roofing shingles as well as the decking and this eventually causes them to deteriorate prematurely.

Proper roof ventilation for your house in Utah County should therefore consist of an exhaust and an intake that ensures fresh air is well circulated regularly. This is best achieved by engaging certified roofing professionals to do the fitting that will ensure foul air is drained through the replacement of fresh air. This is achieved by making accurate calculations that will balance the room temperature of your house perfectly well regardless of the season.  Consequently, you will also not experience problems like the buildup of moisture within the attic that causes the roof to decay or record other damages in the form of warping, splitting or cracking.

Proper ventilation is also paramount to ensuring that the roof of your Salt Lake County house is free of moisture. Unfortunately, many people do not understand that a lot o the moisture that is likely to destroy the ceiling is generated within the house through the use of various home appliances like the washing machine and fridge among others. In addition, the human body also contributes to the generation of moisture that must not be allowed to build up within the house, as it is likely to destroy the roof. Therefore, a proper roof ventilation mechanism is recommended.

Proper roof ventilation is instrumental in protecting your home in West Valley from infiltration by dirt and even harsh weather effectively guaranteeing you durability of your roof. A good ventilation system is also pivotal in preventing problems that are associated with structural stress. The ventilation systems are usually driven by natural wind that is accessed through doors and windows to draw air upwards while creating convection current, effectively extracting the stale air that is also hot.

In order to get proper ventilation for your house, you must ensure that you get an experienced roofing contractor that understands the different types of roofing systems and how they are best suited for different establishments. In summary, proper roof ventilation is essential in every building because not only does it contribute to the management of moisture but also enhances the longevity of the roof effectively helping to cut down on expenses associated with repairs and re-roofing that may sometimes be in your budget.

How to Inspect Your Own Roof

R_F_75603 (4)Many people are only compelled to check the status of their roofs whenever they suspect there is a leakage or damage by harsh elements of weather. While this is not wrong, the truth is that it is important to regularly inspect your roof to correct any damages or prevent potential damages. This is because roofs just like any other part of the house are made of materials that are subject to wear and tear. Therefore, regular inspection is a great move in protecting your roof. One of the questions that many people will often ask is how to inspect the roof.

To answer this, it is important to state that for you to know how to inspect your own roof you will first need to know what you need to look for as well as what you should expect in terms of care and this is largely dependent on your roof type. Having said that, it is also worth noting that when a roof is neglected the cost of repair or replacement is likely to be high. Inspecting your roof will require you to get on it thus; you will first need a good ladder that is stable. You also must ensure that you are dressed properly for the task by avoiding loose clothing that can be caught and wearing rubber soled shoes that will ensure you stay firmly on the roof without falling or even slipping.

Inspecting your roof will require that you run your eyes across the surface of the roof to see whether there are any shingles that are damaged or missing. Should you spot any that needs to be fixed then you must mark the spot so that you show your roofing contractor when they come. The other thing that you need to look out for when inspecting your own roof is areas that may be sagging. This is especially recommended for older homes because it may be a result of worn out structures underneath.

The flashings that surround the ventilation pipes also need to be checked carefully because they sometimes tend to stick through the roof leading to leakages. In most cases, the flashings loosen up because of the weakening of roofing tars thereby allowing water to seep through to the house. The weather is another great contributor to the roof’s wear and tear therefore you will need to generally examine whether the roof can withstand harsh climatic conditions especially if you are getting into a season like winter because these also tend to reduce the roof’s lifespan. This means that if you live in Salt Lake County or Utah County you also need to know the weather patterns.

Finally, when inspecting your house in Sandy you need to pay attention to the gutters because if they are not properly in place then they could end up holding water on the roof and this can damage other aspects of the roof. In summary, while many people rely on professional roofers to inspect their roofs you will be pleased to know that you do not have to be an expert as long as you know what is required. When you know how to inspect, you own roof then you can be sure of saving on the costs that you could have paid the professional.

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